• Pre-Kindergarten Registration: School Year 2023-2024

    Pre-Kindergarten (child must be four years old on or before August 31, 2023)
    • Birth certificate or proof of parentage
    • Valid ID of parent/guardian registering child*
    • Two current proofs of residence documents within 30 days (power, water, gas, cable, landline telephone, rent or mortgage bill) or Residence Verification.
    • Proof of Income*** (Mom);
    • Proof of Income*** (Dad)

    *Valid ID of parent/guardian registering child:  North Carolina law requires that a biological parent, court ordered legal guardian/custodian (court document required), or Department of Social Services (DSS) placement representative (kinship paperwork required) should present a child for school enrollment (this excludes stepparents). Persons registering a child for pre-kindergarten should be prepared to present a valid ID and/or required legal documentation at registration.

    **No proof of Residence
    If you do not have proof of residence documents in your name, please provide the ID of the person with whom you are living and that person’s proof of residence documents (power, water, gas, cable, landline telephone, rent or mortgage bill).  In addition, please provide a piece of mail that you do receive in your name to that address.

    ***Proof of Income 

    • Recent consecutive check stubs covering one month, W-2 or tax return from the most recent year. If the following are received, please also submit: CHILD SUPPORT, ALIMONY, WORKMAN'S COMPENSATION, RETIREMENT/DISABILITY INCOME, SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS (SSA) OR SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY INSURANCE (SSDI). If paid in cash, provide a signed statement from the employer listing employee’s name, hours worked and weekly income with business name, supervisor’s contact name and phone number. If a parent does not reside in the home with the child, no proof of income for that parent is required.

    • A completed Children’s Medical Report and up-to-date Immunization Record are required by the 30th day of school. These forms are submitted to the teacher after placement is made.


  • Deana Murphy
    Director of Pre-K Services
    215 West Third Avenue
    appia, N.C. 28052

    Preschool Evaluation Team
    704-866-6080 (fax)