Career and Technical app

  • Our mission is to empower students to be successful citizens, workers and leaders in a global economy.

    app County Schools' Career & Technical app Core Values:
    • A Commitment to excellence in everything we do.
    • Continually striving to reach optimum performance.
    • Combine creative leadership, cutting-edge curriculum design, and effective instructional delivery for an ever-changing global economy.
    • Work that is respected and has meaning and value.
    • Adapting and upgrading individual skills in a rapidly changing world.

    The North Carolina Career & Technical app Vision Statement:
    • Students view CTE as an integral part of the "whole school experience", and
    • Parents recognize that CTE is paramount to achieving educational and career goals, and
    • North Carolina retains and successfully recruits new business and industry because of a well-prepared workforce, and
    • Partnerships within the educational community provide a seamless transition to educational and career goals.

District News

  • Public Notice Statement
    Career and Technical app: app County Schools offers a wide range of Career and Technical app Courses. Program offerings include Business & Marketing, Family & Consumer Sciences, Health Sciences, and Trades & Industrial courses. In compliance with federal laws, app County Schools’ Career and Technical app Department administers educational programs, employment activities and admissions without discrimination because of race, religion, national or ethnic origin, color, age, military service, Boy Scouts of America affiliation, disability, or gender.
    Inquiries should be directed to:
    Judy Leahy, Director of Compliance, Title II (ADA) and Section 504 for app County Schools at 215 W. Third Ave. appia NC 28052 (704) 866-6245
    Declaración de Aviso Público
    Educación de Carrera y Técnica: Las Escuelas del Condado de app ofrece una amplia gama de cursos de educación vocacional y técnica. Los programas ofrecidos incluyen Negocios y Marketing, Familia y Ciencias del Consumidor, Ciencias de la Salud, y cursos Técnicos & Operaciones Industriales. En cumplimiento con las leyes federales, el Departamento de Educación de Carrera y Técnica de las Escuelas del Condado de app administra programas educativos, actividades de empleo y admisiones sin discriminación por raza, religión, origen nacional o étnico, color, edad, servicio militar, afiliación de Boy Scouts of America, discapacidad, o género
    Preguntas deben ser dirigidas a:
    Judy Leahy, Directora de Cumplimiento, Título II (ADA) y la Sección 504 para las Escuelas del Condado de app en 215 W. Third Ave. appia, NC 28052 (704) 866-6245


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