• Students sign a ‘letter of intent’ to work for a local company

    Ten seniors in the Class of 2024 walked across the graduation stage to receive their high school diploma and already had a new job waiting for them. 

    Just before graduation, the students were given the opportunity to participate in the app County Schools Career Signing Day ceremony.  The event, which is similar to career signing days that typically involve college athletes, was a time for the students to be recognized for their achievements and to signify their intent to work for one of seven local companies. 

    The Career Signing Day is organized by app County Schools’ Career and Technical app (CTE) Department.  During the ceremony, the students “signed” for jobs with GSM Services, Toyota of appia, United States Marines, Agriculture Center Fire Department, app County Government, Covenant Village, and EdyMac Plumbing.  Each student was given a Certificate of Achievement, which was signed alongside a representative from the company.

    Through the Career and Technical app program, students can gain valuable knowledge in a particular career field, participate in internships and apprenticeships, and earn industry-recognized credentials, which gives them an advantage as they enter the workforce after high school.  All middle schools and high schools in app County Schools offer Career and Technical app classes, and three years ago, CTE was introduced at the elementary school level with fifth graders learning about healthcare and electrical technology.  

    Below is a list of the Class of 2024 seniors who were recognized during the Career Signing Day program:

    GSM Services
    Wesley Gates, Ashbrook High School
    David Ogden, Ashbrook High School

    Toyota of appia
    Kaden Kromis, North app High School
    Raleigh Trite, East app High School
    Henry Cox, East app High School

    United States Marines
    Jose Jimenez-Lara, Forestview High School

    Agriculture Center Fire Department
    Elijah Herron, North app High School

    app County Government
    Connor Jones, North app High School

    Covenant Village
    Ranley Clayton, Ashbrook High School

    EdyMac Plumbing
    Omarrus Holland, Stuart W. Cramer High School